To write, teach, and perform with intellectual honesty

Summary of Qualifications

I am a music educator, writer, and performer with skills in the following areas:

  • Music technology
  • College instruction
  • Guitar performance
  • Audio recording
  • Curriculum development
  • Music journalism


  • Master of Music Technology, 2005, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Guitar Performance, 2001, (Cum Laude) Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

Skills & Abilities

I have a wide-ranging skill set that includes teaching, performing, audio engineering, and writing. Following are some details about my areas of expertise.

Music Technology

  • I am adept at recording, notating, and sequencing audio.
  • I can interpret, configure, and operate professional audio sound systems.

Classroom Instruction

  • I can teach a wide variety of college classes.
  • I have taught ten distinct courses and hundreds of individual classes.

Online Instruction

  • I am an expert at devising and administering online college curriculum.
  • I constructed, edited, and administered three distinct courses using Blackboard, which is an online learning-management system.

Guitar Performance

  • I perform regularly as a professional pop, jazz, and classical guitarist.
  • I perform in the following settings: musical theater, nightclubs, private events, and college concerts.

Audio Recording

  • I am an experienced producer, recordist, and board operator.
  • I have engineered and produced many songs, podcasts, and sound designs.

Curriculum Development

  • I revised, and defended to curriculum committee, thirteen course outlines for CCAC.
  • The current CCAC course catalog features some of these outlines.

Music Journalism

  • I write analytical and critical articles about music history, technology, and pedagogy.
  • I contribute monthly articles to my blog called Chasing the Chords.
  • I published an article on Musical-U, which is an online music magazine.


I have a broad range of experience that includes college instruction, music accompaniment, private lessons, and curriculum development.

Adjunct Professor | Community College of Allegheny County | 2010-Present

  • I devise curriculum, teach class, and tutor students for a twelve-credit course load.
  • I’ve taught every semester (including summers) for the past nine years.
  • I’ve taught the following college courses:
    • Audio Recording 1
    • Class Piano
    • College Choir
    • Fundamentals of Music Theory
    • History of Music 1
    • History of Music 2
    • History of Jazz
    • Instrumental/Vocal Ensemble
    • Introduction to Music
    • Music Theory 1
    • Music Theory 2
    • Music Technology

Accompanist | Act One Theater School | 2014-Present

  • I periodically work as an accompanist for Act One Theater School in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.  
  • The work consists of playing guitar in a pit orchestra for gala performances and musicals.

Instrumental Instructor |Johnstonbaugh’s Inc. | 2015-Present

  • I teach one-on-one guitar, bass, and piano lessons at CCAC for a class called Applied Major.
  • Student payment is run through Johnstonbaugh’s Inc.
  • I have extensive experience teaching private lessons—I taught my first lesson in 1997, and I’ve taught every year since.

Curriculum Development

  • I revised, and defended to curriculum committee, the following course outlines: 
    • Introduction to Music
    • Fundamentals of Music Theory
    • Music Theory 1, 2, and 3
    • Music Technology
    • History of Music 1 and 2
    • Jazz Ensemble
    • Class Piano 1, 2, 3, and 4
    • History of Jazz
  • I devised lectures for the following classes:
    • History of Music 1
    • History of Music 2
    • History of Jazz
    • Introduction to Music Technology
    • Audio Recording 1

Work History

I have worked dutifully and diligently in various teaching, performing, and directing positions. Following is a list of some of these positions:

  • Adjunct Professor (2010-present), Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Accompanist (2014-present), Act One Theater School, Glenshaw, PA
  • Guitar and Bass Teacher (2009-2010), Backstage Guitars, Wexford, PA
  • Guitar and Bass Teacher (2007-2010), Manella Guitars, Verona, PA
  • Band Director (2008-2010), Rock Band Academy, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Guitar and Bass Teacher (2003-2007), Guitars Plus, Wexford, PA


  • Donald Jukes,  Professor of Humanities, Community College of Allegheny County,
  • Mark Domencic, Professor of Music, Community College of Allegheny County, mdomencic@ccac.edu
  • Irvin Kauffman, Associate Professor of Guitar, Assistant Principal Cello Laureate, and Principal of Fretted Instruments, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, acellist@iup.edu
  • William Purse, Professor and Chair of Guitar and Music Technology, Duquesne University, pursew@duq.edu
  • Thomas J. Kikta, Assistant Professor Music Technology; Guitar, Director of Classic Guitar, Duquesne University, kitka@duq.edu

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