Advice for the Gigging Musician

Introduction In this post, I've compiled a list of advice for the gigging musician. It's divided into three categories: (1) equipment and gear, (2) repertoire development, and (3) band dynamics. As a bonus, I've included a gig day checklist and a video tutorial. Equipment and Gear You should probably ditch your tuner. How else are... Continue Reading →

Improvising and Meditating

I think of improvising as an intellectual challenge that is analogous to meditating. When I'm reading the chords of a song, or watching the hand of a chording guitarist and improvising at the same time, I am engaging in an activity that requires every bit of my attention, every bit of my know-how, and every... Continue Reading →

Harmonic Improvisation

To solo harmonically is to make melodic decisions based on chords changes. The experience of soloing in this way is similar to the experience of strumming through a chord progression. Both skills require that you know a song's changes. This blog post will map out the concept so you can get started with this kind... Continue Reading →

My Pedalboard

Introduction I'm not one who likes to talk about gear.  I find the those kind of conversations vapid and trite. They usually go something like this: "So, I see you've got yourself a PRS there. Well, you should see what I have. I have two sets of abalone-encrusted custom strap locks, four Russian made stomp... Continue Reading →

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