Listen to music educator and guitarist, Brian Jump, as he explores music philosophy, education, and technology.

#6 — Classical Education vs. Progressive Education

In this podcast, Brian Jump covers the philosophy of education and presents a case for classical techniques being better than progressive ones. Jump outlines and explains how progressive methods are to blame for America’s educational woes. Also, Jump argues that, to improve America’s academic ability, the public school system needs to adopt old-school methods and rigorous standards.

#5 — Rock ‘n’ Roll Colleagues

This episode features a conversation with Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter, Brett Staggs.  The discussion covers dead rock stars, the philosophy of songwriting,  good guitar tone, and more.

#4 — The Future of Music

In this episode of the Chasing the Chords podcast, Brian Jump speculates about the direction of music. First, he imagines the impact that artificial intelligence might have on composition and consumption. Then, he explores the possibility that the music of the future might be fundamentally different from the music of the present.

#3 — Performance Ethics

In this podcast, Brian Jump discusses the dos and don’ts of musical performance. He covers the courtesies that a musician owes their audience and the courtesies that an audience owes their musician. The goal of this podcast is to help improve the relationship between concert goer and performer so that everybody gets more out of live music.

#2 — Illiterate by Choice

In this episode of the Chasing the Chords podcast, Brian Jump investigates the hostility many musicians feel towards reading music. He describes the many ways students shirk the responsibility of reading, and he attempts to dispel the myth that learning how to read is antithetical to the spirit of music. Jump’s main point in this episode is that becoming literate drastically improves your musicianship.

#1 — Cover Bands vs. Original Bands

In this episode of the Chasing the Chords podcast, Brian Jump explores the similarities and differences that exist between cover bands and original bands.  The topics of payment, listenership, and emergent trends are covered.

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