The Eight Commandments of Performance Ethics

In this blog post, Brian Jump explores the common failures of audience/performer interactions. He covers courtesies musicians owe audiences and ones that audiences owe musicians. To assuage this occasionally dysfunctional relationship, Jump offers a list of eight commandments to be observed while giving, watching, or paying for musical performances.

Tipping a Musician

Introduction This blog post covers the practice of putting bread into musicians' jars. The first part is my opinion on gratuity. It explores when I think tipping is recommended, when I think it's not, and when I think it's obligatory. The second part is my consideration on the psychology of tipping. It explores tipping behavior through the lens of reciprocity. As always,... Continue Reading →

Playing in a Pit Band

This month’s blog post is about my recent experience playing in a pit band. The gig, lasting a month, consisted of twenty-one rehearsal and eighteen performances over the course of two musicals: Alice In Wonderland and All Shook Up. For the first musical, Alice In Wonderland, I worked right from the piano-conductor score by making a harmonic... Continue Reading →

Advice for the Gigging Musician

Introduction In this post, I've compiled a list of advice for the gigging musician. It's divided into three categories: (1) equipment and gear, (2) repertoire development, and (3) band dynamics. As a bonus, I've included a gig day checklist and a video tutorial. Equipment and Gear You should probably ditch your tuner. How else are... Continue Reading →

Breaking a String on Stage

Introduction Everyone is happy, the band sounds great, you're playing fly lick after fly lick, your band-mates are amped up about the impending chorus, the crowd is digging your style—then, all-of-a-sudden... ...twang! Oh no! One of your strings has broken, and now you've got to deal with it. Most string-break stories go something like this:... Continue Reading →

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