The Frayed Ends of Schumann

This blog post is about the nineteenth-century Romantic composer/pianist Robert Schumann (1810-1856).

It focuses on Schumann’s struggle with neurosyphilis and how this infirmary deformed his final musical compositions.

One of these final compositions, an unusual piece known as Theme and Variation in E-flat Major, “Ghost Variations,” is considered as an example.

The Restless Pen of Franz Schubert

This blog post covers early nineteenth-century composer, Franz Schubert. It summarizes his importance to music history and describes how his ideas about music were simultaneously conservative and progressive. Two of his pieces are examined in detail, Symphony No. 8 in D Minor and Die Erlkonig.

Music sources for the podcast:

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Schubert, Franz Peter. Die Erlkonig. Perf. Siegfried Lorenz, Norman Shetler. Rec. 2012. Edel Germany GmbH: Schubert (Best of).