Illiterate by Choice

In this blog post Brian Jump explores the hostility many musicians feel towards reading music. He describes the many ways students shirk the responsibility of reading, and he attempts to dispel the myth that learning how to read is antithetical to the spirit of music. Jump’s main point in this post is that becoming literate drastically improves one’s musicianship.

The Eight Commandments of Performance Ethics

In this blog post, Brian Jump explores the common failures of audience/performer interactions. He covers courtesies musicians owe audiences and ones that audiences owe musicians. To assuage this occasionally dysfunctional relationship, Jump offers a list of eight commandments to be observed while giving, watching, or paying for musical performances.

Classical Education vs. Progressive Education

In this blog post, Brian Jump covers the philosophy of education and presents a case for classical techniques being better than progressive ones. Jump outlines and explains how progressive methods are to blame for America’s educational woes, and he argues that, to improve America’s academic ability, teachers need to adopt classical methods and rigorous standards.

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