First Impressionist: The Style and Character of Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) invented the Impressionist style of Western art music. For this accomplishment, he is usually considered to be France’s greatest composer. Listening to his music is like hearing the auditory component of a unicorn’s dream about clouds. This is due to the fact that Debussy’s approach to composition was beset by vague suggestion and a tendency to wander without destination.

The Delicate Wizardry of Chopin

This blog post covers Polish piano virtuoso, Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849). Chopin had a very distinct piano style that was nothing like the pounding triumph and brilliant glory of Beethoven and nothing like the macho bravado and miraculous virtuosity of Franz Liszt. Instead, Chopin’s piano style possessed a different sort of virtuosity, one marked by a delicate and soft touch.

The Looming Shadow of Beethoven

This bog post covers the legacy of Ludwig van Beethoven. More specifically, it covers the coping mechanisms employed by Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, and Hector Berlioz to deal with that legacy.

These early Romantic composers dealt with the burden of Beethoven variously by imitating his epic scale or by rejecting his adherence to form.

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